Julia Louis-Dreyfus: No ‘Seinfeld’ curse as she goes for third Emmy

When Julia Louis-Dreyfus won an Emmy for "New Adventures of Old Christine" in 2006, she proved that a "Seinfeld" star can have a successful new career after exiting one of the greatest series in TV history. Now she's a strong contender to bag new Emmy gold for HBO's "Veep," according to the odds set (4 to 1) by Gold Derby's experts and editors. Two experts (Elena Howe, L.A. Times, Jill Serjeant of Reuters) and two editors (Rob Licuria, Andrew Pickett) have her out front to prevail as Best Comedy Actress.

In our webcam chat, I accuse Louis-Dreyfus of being hellbent to break the alleged curse, which she mentioned in her acceptance speech for "Old Christine." "I'm hellbent to get good jobs, that's what I'm hellbent to do," she replies.

Louis-Dreyfus also won an Emmy in the supporting slot for "Seinfeld" in 1996, but she's lost many more bouts over all. "I do like to think of myself as a 10-time loser because that is, in fact, what I am," she adds with a sly smile. "I've become quite used to it.  It feels like you've been caught with your pants down. You spend so much time and so much energy getting ready, talking to the people and journalists, trying to sell yourself and then you lose and you just feel like a loser. There's no way around it. My favorite moment is seeing people lose. I don't mean that to be unkind. But that's when you see real Emmy-worthy performances."

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Her new TV role as U.S. Vice President gives her the opportunity to give a complex, humorous performance.

"Selena has to be a bit of a buffoon because, after all, it is a comedy so we're going for the funny," she adds. "But as the season unfolds you'll find her being more cunning and manipulative than you might give her credit for being.

"I see her as someone who used to be so ambitious and so powerful in the Senate because she was a former senator from Maryland and she falls backward into this position as Vice President. She's powerful and yet powerless at the same time. All of that is so enraging that I feel as if she's paralyzed to a certain extent – emotionally. She doesn't know what to do next."

Video edited by Rob Licuria

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