Julia Louis-Dreyfus Q&A: ‘Veep’

"It was a hefty show to do," Julia Louis-Dreyfus tells us about shooting "Crate," the episode of "Veep" that she submitted to Emmy judges deciding the race for Best Comedy Actress, which she won for the past two years (plus back in 2006 for "New Adventures of Old Christine").

In it, we see U.S. Vice-President Selina Meyer flopping around a bathroom, rocked with joyous laughter, upon hearing the news that she's about to become President. Meantime, her trusty aide Gary (Tony Hale, last year's winner of Best Supporting Actor) sits on the toilet with a bloody nose, which she's trying – in between gasps of laughter – to help him plug up.

"It was great fun to play," she adds. "It was a lot of work, actually, and that scene that Tony and I had in the bathroom was not easy to do over and over and over again, as you might imagine. But ultimately I'm happy with the way it worked out. It was so fraught and so extreme. Crazy!"

Watch my and Chris Beachum's full chat with JLD below. She's the heavy favorite to win Best Comedy Actress again, having 1-to-4 odds at Gold Derby's prediction center.

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