Julio Torres Interview: ‘Los Espookys’

“I blissfully wasn’t aware that I was running a show,” Julio Torres laughs in his exclusive interview with Gold Derby (watch the video above) about “Los Espookys,” on which he is credited as a main actor, co-creator, co-executive producer and co-writer on every episode, with Anna Fabrega filling the same roles. He explains, “The show does have a showrunner and it wasn’t until we started filming the second season that I realized that’s me with Anna. We’re walking around the ‘Espookys’ offices and I see a door with two pieces of paper. One says, ‘Julio Torres, Showrunner’ and the other says ‘Anna Fabrega, Showrunner’ and I was like, ‘Oh, I see’.”

“The moon will be very important to season two,” Torres teases about the next “Los Espookys” season. Torres was a Writers Guild of America Award winner and four-time Emmy nominee for writing “Saturday Night Live” before moving to HBO last year for the debut of “Los Espookys,” as well as “My Favorite Shapes,” his first stand-up special, with both projects executive produced by “SNL” creator Lorne Michaels.

“Los Espookys” was originally to be titled “Mexico City,” but ultimately filmed in Chile and has an ambiguous setting. “The pilot was filmed so as to have it look like Mexico City,” Torres reveals before explaining, “Because the show was veering more towards the surreal, we just thought it would be more fun and ease everything up if it was set nowhere specific.” Torres admits that “never in a million years” did he think that he would be filming in Chile and explains, “We were looking for safe, cost-efficient places with a robust film industry and Santiago happened to offer all of those things.” He likens Santiago to Canada in that “you can make it look like anything you want.” Torres is “very happy with” the the final title that director Fernando Frias helped choose for the show, with Torres remarking, “It was a good sign that when we told other people, they would giggle — or they would giggle as they would say it.”

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