Justina Machado Interview: ‘One Day at a Time’

After three seasons as a streaming series on Netflix, “One Day At a Time” moved to weekly airings on Pop TV. But for the show’s star Justina Machado, the change has only strengthened the show. “The show was already great,” Machado proclaims. “So it’s been great to go into the fourth season with a new family, a new network, a lot of new energy and falling into great writing and great storytelling.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Machado above.

Machado believes the move to weekly airings has only improved the viewing experience for fans. “I kind of always thought that this was a weekly show,” she claims. “This was a show that you can gather your family, gather your friends and sit down and watch it together.” The actress also says that allows the cast and producers to interact with viewers on social media. “We get to engage with the fans for the first time ever.”

One of the highlights of the season for Machado was the third episode “Boundaries,” in which Penelope (Machado) is forced to talk to her son Alex (Marcel Ruiz) about masturbation after Alex walks in on Penelope.  “Of course we all think it’s going towards [Penelope] walking in on her teenage son, and then they flipped it around,” Machado laughs. “I love the fact that they’re showing women’s sexuality. Television doesn’t really do that unless it’s a single woman who doesn’t have kids. It’s great to be on such an incredible sitcom talking about something that’s real: moms’ sexuality, women’s sexuality.”

Machado has also take on the role of producer on “One Day at a Time.” “It was a natural thing for me to do,” she says. “To be able to be a producer on my show to start my producing career is such a gift.” When it comes to what kinds of projects she wants to produce, Machado is unequivocal. “I see it going towards producing more Latinx stories,” she says, “telling more stories like ‘One Day at a Time.’ Making us the center of the story, stories told by us, for us. Changing the way some people think we are. That’s really important to me.

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