Kaitlin Olson interview: ‘Hacks’

“If in doubt get real loud and just leave,” jokes Kaitlin Olson about her performance in the new series “Hacks.” For our recent Gold Derby exclusive interview, she adds, “The creators gave me the freedom to explore what it could be. Very quickly I settled on something I felt good about.”

“Hacks” is the new HBO Max series about a legendary comic, Deborah Vance (Jean Smart), in the twilight of her career. With pressure mounting for her so give up the spotlight, she reluctantly hires a young writer (Hannah Einbinder) to freshen up her act.

Olson, known for being Micky on “The Mick” and Sweet Dee on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” plays Deborah’s daughter DJ. The actress describes this character as “an angsty entitled teenager spoiled brat in a 40-year-old body. That’s just so funny to me. It was also very exciting that it was different from Sweet Dee and Micky.”

In the pilot episode, DJ enters in an angry fit objecting to having bags checked before leaving her mother’s house. Olson says, “I really like the introduction. She comes storming in. She’s angry at having her mom accuse her of doing drugs. She’s throwing a big fit in front of strangers about having a bladder infection… They got me with bladder infection. I’m like ‘I’m in.’”

And is Olson anything like the brat she plays? The actress confesses, “We look alike. That’s probably about it… Well you know what, that’s not true. I very much want people’s approval. I go about it a different way.  I’m not as needy about it.  I have a great relationship with my parents. But, I’m very aware of wanting to please people. She’s just a spoiled brat about it. I pretend that I’m cool and I don’t care.”

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