Kaitlin Olson Q&A: ‘The Mick’

“It is crazy, but it’s a huge honor,” proclaims “The Mick” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star Kaitlin Olson on juggling two different shows. She is also the co-executive producer on “The Mick” and plays two roles. In our recent webchat (watch above), she adds, “I’m so happy that they wanted me to do it. I get to play two different characters and I get to work year round… it’s just been such an honor.”

Olson is best known for playing Deandra “Sweet Dee” Reynolds on ‘Sunny’ but it’s now her new Fox hit comedy “The Mick” that’s garnering her Emmy buzz — a role that was quite literally made for her. She says, “They (creators John Chernin and David Chernin) were writing it with me in mind, but they weren’t sure if I was going to be able to do it. I didn’t even want to read the script because I didn’t know if I’d be able to commit to all of that, but then I read the pilot and I really just couldn’t say no. I thought it was really special, the character was so funny, and I really felt like I could do something special with it — so I said yes.”

The program centers around Mackenzie (Olson), who ends up having to take care of her rich and spoiled nephews and niece after her filthy rich sister Poodle and husband are arrested for fraud and flee the country. Olson explains it as “a network comedy that feels like it’s on cable.” That’s pretty accurate considering all the sometimes brutal (though hilarious) physical comedy on the show. She reveals, “Big physical comedy is just always going to be funny to me, and the idea that one woman can get hit by a car that many times and just bounce right back — there’s just something very funny about that. They kind of have to pull me back from doing all the stunts myself.”

Through all the physical comedy, however, Olson has created Micky with a lot of depth, heart, and a bearer for strong, relevant messages through each episode: “I really love watching a show that is primarily funny but when you look back your’re like ‘Oh right, they had a message in there’ but you just laughed the whole way through. It was really important to me that Micky had a lot of heart, but we never wanted to beat you over the head with it.”

The physical nature and impeccable comedic timing are all reasons she could finally be on the Emmy radar. When asked about which episode she may have in mind to submit to voters she’s leaving that to the Gold Derby readers and editors: “You pick for me then. I don’t know. There are some that I’m just staring at how bad I look that I can’t even watch myself act, and then there’s one where I’m like ‘I’m amazing in that scene!'”

Be sure to watch the rest of our interview with Olson above and find out why she feared ‘Sunny’ fans would think she’s a “sell-out,” how she helped cast the show, and which win she would choose: an Emmy for herself or an Oregon Duck national championship.

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