Katheryn Winnick Q&A: ‘Vikings’

During our recent webcam chat, Katheryn Winnick explained why women identify with Lagertha, her role on History Channel's hit epic "Vikings": “She’s the working woman in the dark ages. She does everything, not only a woman who fights in the shield wall, and pillages and brings back wealth, she’s also a mother and a wife, and a lot of women in this time period have to multitask to make those ends meet.”

Despite her character being a Viking warrior woman in the eighth century, Winnick believes that, in essence, she’s playing a “modern woman” and that is why so many identify with Lagertha and have taken to her in droves.

During our candid conversation, she elaborated on what it is about the Viking legend that attracts so much interest. "Viking women were celebrated. They were very strong. They were not only wives, but also mothers, and shieldmaidens, and protected their homes, and were able to own land and divorce their husbands and rule," Winnick explains.

We also learn more about what fans can expect from the show in its much anticipated third season, which starts shooting this week in the remote hills of Ireland. The actress teased this: "I have no idea what Michael [Hirst, the show's creator and showrunner] has in store, but he did tell me one thing…" Winnick smiles, "he whispered in my ear and said 'get ready'!"

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