Kathleen Rose Perkins Q&A: ‘Episodes’

“This is the first time I have ever played Carol happy," reveals Kathleen Rose Perkins in our lively video chat about her character Carol Rance, an insecure and embattled TV network executive on "Episodes." This sly satire of showbiz — created by David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik ("Friends") and starring "Friends" alum Matt LeBlanc as an exaggerated version of himself — recently concluded its celebrated fourth season on Showtime. 

Yet again, Carol falls for yet another one of her bosses, but this time with a twist. “Jeffrey Crane and David Klarik pulled me aside while we were shooting the first season and said the idea for this character is that she’s going to have a revolving door of bosses and she will have an affair with every single one of them and eventually we want to earn a woman in that revolving door scenario.”

After a run of crazy weirdos, the actress explains that ending up in an affair with her new female boss was a blessing for her character. “It turns out to be the best relationship, I think, that Carol has ever been in,” Perkins laughs. “That’s what Carol wants; to just be loved … and this woman just showers it on her, so why wouldn’t she jump at the chance! And it’s a really interesting thing because she’s always pretending to be happy and pretending to be positive … and she never is. And then out of nowhere she’s giddy.”

When asked what “Episodes” gets right about working in Hollywood, Perkins emphatically says “everything … the one thing its gets wrong is that its much more tragic when you’re actually in it.” She explains, "For all intents and purposes, this should be a drama; it should not be a comedy. They’re that smart and they’re that witty and that comedic, these writers, that they make this ugly, unnatural, strange world seem funny and fun to laugh at.”

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