Kathryn Hahn Interview: ‘Mrs. Fletcher,’ ‘I Know This Much Is True’

“This was a really precious experience for me,” reveals Kathryn Hahn about her role as Dessa Constantine, a grieving mother on HBO’s upcoming limited series “I Know This Much Is True.” “It was so actor-forward, this process. That kind of respect, with performance first over anything. It’s so rare and appreciated and I think I will never forget that, being able to be a part of it.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Hahn above.

Hahn has been really busy this TV season. After returning to Amazon Prime’s groundbreaking “Transparent” for its series “Musicale Finale” last fall, Hahn starred in the raunchy, critically acclaimed dramedy “Mrs Fletcher.” This year, the actress features alongside leading man Mark Ruffalo in HBO’s highly anticipated and star-studded “I Know This Much Is True.” Adapted from the Wally Lamb novel by writer/director Derek Cianfrance, the limited series premieres May 10th. Hahn also stars in the upcoming AppleTV+ animated musical series “Central Park,” created by Loren Bouchard, Nora Smith and Josh Gad, which premieres May 29th.

The actress admits that “I Know This Much Is True” was emotionally challenging and ultimately rewarding because of the connection she felt to her character, and to creator Cianfrance and co-star Ruffalo. In the series, the characters played by Hahn and Ruffalo have separated after a devastating personal tragedy tears through their lives unexpectedly. “For the first time in my creative life, I think I did feel that I was meeting [Derek] as Dessa. I had never felt that way before. She kind of just filtered through,” she says.

“Derek, Mark and I were in the bubble. I hopped in and out of this a lot and they made it incredibly welcoming for me every time I jumped back into it,” Hahn explains. “Mark, as the number one on the call sheet, it was just a dream working with him. He is so extraordinary in this part,” she explains. “He is a magnificent listener, he’s so wide open. He’s just a dream collaborator. He cares so much about what you bring to the table.”

In between saying goodbye to her Emmy-nominated role in “Transparent” last year and her upcoming projects, Hahn starred as Eve Fletcher, the sexually-awakened divorcee in “Mrs. Fletcher.”

“I was very intrigued by ‘Mrs. Fletcher’ back when I read the book,” she says. “It was an inverse coming of age story. Not just Eve’s coming of age but also her son’s, with the fulcrum maybe being internet porn, but not really as it was more like the launching pad,” she explains, adding that the series focused on “consent and intimacy and vulnerability and for her it was things like shame and pleasure and identity and getting what you want and middle age. There was so many things wrapped up that I found very interesting.”

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