Kathryn Hahn Q&A: ‘Happyish’

Asked during our recent video chat about what makes her character Lee Payne on the new Showtime comedy “Happyish” the most, well happyish, Kathryn Hahn replies “her family and her husband.” Oscar nominated scribe Steve Coogan ("Philomena") plays her husband, Thom.

The actress says the on-screen couple "could not be more similar… they believe in the same things. Their priorities are the same. There is such a friendship there that just seems true and also aspirational… I feel lucky enough in my life that I’m married to my best friend and we’ve been married a gazillion years and have two kids. And I think that’s a part of Tom and Lee that you don’t see very often."

With her original on-screen partner Philip Seymour Hoffman’s passing, the show nearly never saw the light of day. It had to be reshot and reworked with Coogan and Hahn admits the experience “was really hard” but “time was on our side." As she explains, "When Steve came on board almost a year later it seemed so brand new. But yeah, doing the pilot again, the reading was tough, the shooting was not. By the time we’d got there and done the rehearsals it was better.”

As to what makes Lee un-happyish, the actress reflects, “she’s such a truth sayer for better or worse. It’s not like she’s not a hypocrite; she’s not a  perfect person at all, and that’s also what I love about her… When she doesn’t feel like she is able to be herself… she’s miserable.”

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