Kathryn Hahn Q&A: ‘Transparent’

“This is a first for me, to be in a show where there’s a lot of conversation about the density and reality of menstrual blood,” admits Kathryn Hahn about working on Amazon’s “I Love Dick.” In our recent webchat (watch the exclusive video above), she explain that in an episode “there’s a scene that involves a zip lock baggy filled with fake blood which was very hard to get through without laughing. That was definitely a new one for me.”

The series is based on the novel of the same name by Chris Kraus. The novel combines fiction and memoir to explore the author’s sexual obsession with a man named Dick. In the series, Hahn plays Chris who she feels is “a loud, messy, contradictory roar of a woman. She doesn’t want to be the one that has to fit into a box predetermined by some man. Everything you think a woman should do to get a man’s attention she kind of does the opposite of. Also, for so long there’s been a movement to compartmentalize parts of a woman, or anyone. To build on the creation of a person with sexuality being a major part of who she is feels new. Her sexuality is as paramount to her essence as any other part of her. It’s not some separate, dirty, side thing.”

On the name of the show also starring Kevin Bacon and Griffin Dunne, Hahn says, “We really did luck out with this gentleman’s name. It really was a gift. So thank God for Chris Kraut falling in love with an actual man named Dick. When the billboards started to go up we went ‘can you believe we got away with this?’ There’s a huge billboard that just says ‘I Love Dick’ on Sunset Boulevard. It’s the best. It’s such a salacious title. But I love that underneath it there is a loud, awesome, feminist, humanist voice. It’s fantastic.”

Hahn is on the Emmy ballot as Best Comedy Actress for “I Love Dick.” She got to know the show’s creator Jill Soloway through “Transparent,” another Amazon series on which she appears. She will be eligible as Best Comedy Supporting Actress for her role as Rabbi Raquel Fein.

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