Kathy Bates Q&A: ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

During our recent webcam chat, Kathy Bates admits to being shocked when she won the Emmy last year for her supporting role on "American Horror Story: Coven." "When they called my name, I was just like, 'What?!' I was so gobsmacked, I forgot to thank Ryan Murphy, I forgot to thank everybody. I couldn't remember anything."

Bates could return to the winner's podium this year for her role as bearded lady Ethel Darling on "American Horror Story: Freak Show." Even after a dozen Emmy bids, she tells us she still gets excited by awards kudos. "The excitement starts at the nomination. And then my favorite part though is running into people on the show." While she won an Oscar with her first bid ("Misery," 1990), she had to wait unil Emmy nomination #11 before prevailing for a guest shot on "Two and a Half Men" in 2012. 

While Ethel was the heart of "Freak Show," Bates' "Coven" character Madame LaLaurie was much more of a villain. "It was wonderful to play such different characters. Frankly, I kind of loved having a beard. I know that sounds weird. [But] as a character actress, I'm kind of jealous because the guys can do beards and eyebrows and all of that other stuff and women are really limited."

Bates even gives us a little tease about the next iteration of the show, "American Horror Story: Hotel." "[My character] runs the hotel. That's all I know. She runs the joint." As for whether she'll be a villain or a hero, the actress admits, "A mix would be great. Because then you wouldn't know, right? So there'd be a place to go with it. I'd rather have some kind of dark [qualities] — or, as my mother used to call them, afflictions. Those are the most fun to play."

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