Keke Palmer interview: ‘Turnt Up with the Taylors’

“When I did ‘Turnt Up with the Taylors,’ I did it because it was a passion,” admits Keke Palmer about her first career Emmy nomination for Best Short Form Actress in her online passion project. “So, to be acknowledged for something and for people to applaud you in any way, it’s definitely a good warm feeling.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Palmer above.

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“Turnt Up with The Taylors” premiered on Facebook Watch mid-last year to rapturous applause from Palmer’s huge online following. The short-form eight-episode comedy series was co-created, co-written and co-produced by Palmer on a shoestring budget, in which she also plays five members of faux-reality TV family the Taylors, who have starred in their reality show “Taylor Time” on the OMG Network for 10 seasons.

Palmer shows off her impressive comedic chops in the series, donning wigs and prosthetics to play five inter-generational members of this larger-than-life TV family, recalling the work of comedy legends that have come before her. “One of my heroes is obviously Eddie Murphy and I love Martin Lawrence, so I was down to try and really go in, because I love playing characters,” she declares.

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The short format has enjoyed a real ascendancy over the last few years, becoming more mainstream as so many viewers are more accustomed to consuming pop culture in smaller, attention-grabbing doses.

“Something that is considered a specific style is usually dependent upon money. You know, it’s short-form because we don’t have the money to do longform,” Palmer explains. “It’s great to know that it has been able to become its own type of art, whether it’s a TikTok video or on Facebook.”

‘It’s respected for being its own thing and it gives a lot of creative freedom for us that aren’t always able to do something on a mainstream traditional scale. We can still make something poppy and shiny and awesome in this format,” she says. “It’s great that it’s being acknowledged in that way, because it gives a lot of freedom to artists, as all of us don’t have crazy amounts of money to do the productions that we want, but that shouldn’t stop us from being able to get our art out there.”

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