Kerry Ehrin Q&A: ‘Bates Motel’ co-creator

"We set out to tell a story that is suspenseful, but also pulpy, with nuanced stories and characters that will pull at your heart," writer/producer Kerry Ehrin says in our webcam chat about the strategy used to adapt "Psycho" to TV as "Bates Motel."

That heart-tugging is done chiefly by Vera Farmiga, who gives a socko performance as a frantic mom desperate to coddle a deranged son (Freddie Highmore) who commits bloody murders during black-outs.

"Vera captures a real mother, and one who is really worried about her kid," Ehrin says. "She does these crazy emotional scenes that go up hill and down dale … that are so grounded and so believable."

Ehrin clears up a nagging mystery for us: Does Norman know that a monster lurks within him?

"No," she says. "He senses it. He has dark impulses, but he's not conscious completely. It's a maze to him and he's trying to find his way through. Getting people to go on the ride with Norman is the challenge of the show."

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