Kether Donohue Interview: ‘You’re the Worst’

When asked what would be her next step after “You’re the Worst” ended, Kether Donohue declares, “Check into a psych ward!” In our recent webchat with Donohue (watch the exclusive video above), she tells us that she’s still in denial about the series being over and that she’s still trying to wrap her head around it. One of the craziest moments for her was at the wrap party for the series where she was constantly asking herself, “Am I celebrating or grieving tonight?” She adds, “We were celebrating five years of collaboration but I was also sad because it was all over.”

Donohue portrayed Lindsay Jillian on the FXX comedy. Over the course of the show, we see Lindsay start off married (and very selfish to boot) to the very conventional Paul and rapidly go down a course of self destruction that leads to her divorcing him. She tries having relationships with other guys but isn’t satisfied with what she’s finding. By the end of the series, she finds herself reconnecting with Paul and forming a genuine connection with him that leads to them re-marrying.

Donohue says that she felt incredibly satisfied with how Lindsay’s arc turned out. She really loved how nothing about it felt on the nose or unexpected and that, above all, it was realistic and that it displayed the character’s emotional growth. “The foundation of the show is it takes traditional dynamics and flips it on its head,” she says. “Lindsay is going back to something familiar and safe but in a better place in her life.”

While Donohue did score a nod for Comedy Supporting Actress at the 2015 Critics’ Choice Television Awards, she’s still looking to score her first career Emmy nom for playing Lindsay. If she were to get nominated, she believes she would submit the fifth episode of the season, “A Very Good Boy.” The episode sees Lindsay and Edgar (Desmin Borges) trying to take their “friends with benefits” arrangement to an actual relationship but it ends up failing. “We’ve watched them for five years having this fascinating relationship that’s able to survive and sustain judgement and sex. It was written with poignancy and humor.” She elaborates that the mixture is what she calls a “You’re the Worst” cocktail made up of “the funny and the feels.”

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