Kyle MacLachlan Interview: ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’

“It may turn out to be the highlight of my career,” says Kyle MacLachlan about working with director David Lynch on the 18-hour Showtime limited series “Twin Peaks: The Return.” He has worked with Lynch many times before, in the films “Dune” (1984) and “Blue Velvet” (1986) and the original “Twin Peaks” series that aired on ABC from 1990 to 1991. The idiosyncratic filmmaker is “such a brilliant mind and such an incredible director” that MacLachlan trusts him “in every manner.” Watch our exclusive video interview with MacLachlan above.

“The Return” revisited the story of FBI agent Dale Cooper (MacLachlan) — plus a couple of Cooper doppelgangers — and the terrifying mysteries that surround the title town in the Pacific Northwest. It aired weekly from May to September in 2017, but Showtime aired a marathon of the entire series on June 2. Binge-watching the series could “take your brain and smatter it all against the walls because there’s just so much going on,” but then “the only way you can really detox from that is just to continue to watch more and more. And we’ll come and resuscitate you when you’ve finally collapsed.”

Earlier this year MacLachlan earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best TV Movie/Mini Actor for his performance in “The Return,” 27 years after winning Best TV Drama Actor for the original series. “It was really extraordinary to have the nomination again,” he says. The members of the Hollywood Foreign Press “love film, they love David Lynch, they love television … It’s nice to be welcomed in that community with that enthusiasm.” Now MacLachlan is an Emmy contender for Best Movie/Mini Actor 27 years after the role earned him two straight bids for Best Drama Actor (1990-1991).

Would MacLachlan ever return to “Twin Peaks” again? “I think there’s always something to explore there with [Dale Cooper],” he reveals. “Were David to decide that he wanted to make more I would certainly be first in line to sign up.” He’s also curious about where his “Blue Velvet” character Jeffrey Beaumont ended up after all these years. “David’s stories and the worlds that he creates are ongoing, I feel. They never stop. So these characters are alive somewhere.”

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