Laura Haddock Q&A: ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’

Laura Haddock plays a multi-faceted role in "Da Vinci's Demons" – Lucretia is the lover of Leonardo da Vinci, mistress of Florence leader Lorenzo de Medici, plus a secret agent for the Vatican.

"She's not a regular woman of the 15th century," Haddock says in our webcam chat. "Lucretia is extremely strong on the outside, but she's a completely broken woman in her heart. She's trying desperately to rectify her past and she uses her looks and sexuality as her weapons.

"The reason she is with Lorenzo is because she's being told to be with him. She's getting information from him about the Vatican and feeding it all back to Rome. She's a puppet and her puppeteers tell her that Lorenzo is her next conquest."

But her feelings for Da Vinci are true and strong.

"She loves the way he sees the world," she adds. "Her eyes are tightly closed and all she can see is her past. His eyes are wide open and all he can see is the future. She feels safe, attracted, excited to be with him.  Up until now the men she's had relationships with have been work. Leonardo is play."

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