Laura Karpman and Rita Wilson interview: ‘Because Love’ songwriters

“It is a moment to allow people to just reflect on the story, and what has just happened” Rita Wilson reveals about the song “Because Love,” which the performer, songwriter and producer co-wrote with composer Laura Karpman for Eleanor Coppola‘s ensemble comedy/drama “Love is Love is Love.”

Wilson, who co-stars in the film, sings an excerpt from the song live and acapella in front of friends and family gathered to eulogize a dear friend who has died. The song in some ways serves as a circuit-breaker after revelations, laughs and tears. “When you’re at a gathering and somebody starts to sing,” Karpman agrees, “it focuses the energy in a really, really profound, funny, meaningful way and it brings everybody in the room closer,” she says. “It’s really a wonderful thing to do, and I think it’s a particularly wonderful thing to do in this period after we’ve been denied so much being together.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Karpman and Wilson above.

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“Love Is Love Is Love,” directed by Coppola, which she co-wrote with Karen Leigh Hopkins, comprises three stories exploring love in all its forms – the third story, entitled “Late Lunch,” which features the song “Because Love,” is about a young woman who gathers a group of her recently deceased mother’s friends to share their memories. The film features an all-star cast including Joanne Whalley, Chris Messina, Kathy Baker, Cybill Shepherd, Rosanna Arquette and Polly Draper, with Wilson not only co-starring, but also co-writing the song with the film’s composer Karpman.

When asked about their inspiration for the song, and in particular the first two lines of the opening verse, “there are gifts in the love, there are gifts in the loss,” Wilson explains that the song represents how we pick ourselves up from grief and loss. “When we started writing it and we were talking about inspirations and things we wanted the music to have some melancholy to it, and something that was bittersweet, and then, when we got to writing the chorus, we thought that this should lift, and should feel like there’s hope. We kept saying, ‘well what’s the answer to the question,'” she explains. “Why do we keep on going? Why do we keep on doing this? It’s because love teaches us, because love finds a way, because at the end of the day, love remains. So, it’s really the answer to the question of why do we keep going on.”

Karpman also shares some fascinating insights about the song’s unusual chord structure, which lends the song a distinctly plaintive and yearning, yet hopeful feeling. “I think one of the neat things about the way the chords work is there they’re always falling,” she explains, “is that everything is always falling and then it corrects itself and goes high again. I think that that is really a beautiful metaphor musically for what the song is doing, which is, you’re moving through life and then you get up again and you start at the top and some things happen, but then you get up again.”

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