Lauren Ash Interview: ‘Superstore’

“Did you know you can sprain your neck? I didn’t, but you can,” declares Lauren Ash about a lesson she learned by starring on “Superstore.” Watch our full exclusive video interview with her above. She continues, “I found out other people have stunt people do their stunts. I’m always thrown into the fire, especially getting hit by the car this season. Not much is less daunting than a moving vehicle coming at you. Logically I knew the car would stop, but there were a couple of takes where I psyched myself out. We did it a bunch of times and I craned my neck on the last hit.”

In its fifth season, “Superstore” is a workplace comedy set at the ‘Cloud 9’ big-box retail store. Ash plays Dina, a direct and passionate manager. The actress confesses, “I’m like Dina in a few ways. I’m definitely a rules follower. I’m just not as psycho about it. I believe rules are there for a reason. Now, am I going to tackle someone to the ground who doesn’t follow the rules? No. Is Dina going to do that? Absolutely yes!”

This season Dina was reunited with her father. Ash says, “for five seasons we’ve built up that her dad abandoned her at a gas station. It was trying to find where the line is that’s not too dramatic, because we are a comedy show, but also honors the emotional state of the character. The biggest challenge I had was seeing how far I could push it while keeping the lightness you have on a half hour comedy. It was really rewarding to try different things. It’s rare on TV to see eccentric characters have a real moment.”

In “Superstore” there is a strong culture of improvisation. Ash’s improv background at Second City has served her well for this. The episode where she met her dad was particularly special for her because it paid off a line she had improvised all the way back in season 1. The actress explains, “in season 1 I said, ‘it’s just so hard to trust since my father left me at that gas station as a kid.’ I’m so proud of that line because it became canon and it became this well the writers and myself could go to. It puts so much in perspective about Dina. And then it led to the amazing episode in season 5.”

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