Lauren Beckett Jackson interview: ‘The Daily Show’ editor

For “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” editor Lauren Beckett Jackson, earning her first Emmy nomination for Best Variety Picture Editing is “huge,” but it also reminds her that she’s part of “a much larger team that’s just very talented and has gotten these well deserved seven nominations, which is the most the show’s ever had. And I think it’s a testament to just how far we’ve come over the last few years.” Watch our exclusive video interview above.

Jackson is nominated along with nine of her fellow “Daily Show” editors for two specific segments from the past season: “Jordan Klepper Takes on ‘Wellness’ Anti-Vaxxers” and “Fringewatching Rep. Lauren Boebert.” “It’s definitely a group effort,” Jackson says about working on segments. “We all have a part to play, and we can all help each other out. When I first started I was mainly doing a lot of the field pieces. But that’s evolved. Now I’m doing headlines, I’m doing some sketches, I’m doing a bunch of other things. And that’s true of all the editors here.”

Before “The Daily Show” Jackson worked on reality series ranging from “Say Yes to the Dress” to “Basketball Wives,” and the creative approaches are quite different. She explains, “You end up doing a lot of damage control in reality TV, or fixing maybe mistakes or things that we didn’t foresee in production … So there’s a lot of back and forth on the reality side that I don’t think we have to worry about on ‘The Daily Show’ because we have all of that prep built in.” And having been with “The Daily Show” for two years now has given her “the opportunity to really get to know and to grow from a lot of the other editors that I’m working with and producers that I’m working with, learning something new every day.”

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