Lauren Lexton Q&A: ‘Flipping Out’

The sixth season of “Flipping Out” saw Jeff Lewis’ administrative assistant Jenni finally get married.

And, as executive producer Lauren Lexton reveals, this came as a relief for all involved in the Bravo show: “There was a part of the production company that actually felt a little bit responsible for Jenny and Chris breaking up in season two … it was like everybody feeling like it was meant to be that Jenny broke up with Chris and find Jonathan.”

In the video chat below with Gold Derby, Lexton credits the success of the show to its star: “The core is Jeff Lewis … he’s such an interesting, fun person… the people who surround Jeff as a whole make for good compelling television.”

As she explains, the series has evolved as housing market has changed dramatically since 2007 when the show began: “It definitely started out as a house flipping show … Jeff was putting his own money on the line … then when the real estate market changed… he understood that he needed to change his business as well… to pretty much straight interior design… that made it fun… now all of a sudden he had to work with clients that had their own ideas.”

She admits it is not an easy series to put together: “It’s like creating a sculpture out of a big block of footage.” Indeed, to put together a single episode of the series “with rough cut, fine cut, second fine cut, locked cut and everything else it takes over two to two and a half months of editing.” 

Lexton, who produces other reality series such as “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and "Auction Kings" admits that “Flipping Out” is her favourite. Why? “It’s so nuanced … we created a style for it, the story is complex, it’s hard … Creating an hour that’s more like a dramedy is very difficult for reality, it’s much easier when you’re scripting it, and so I think that 'Flipping Out' is the most difficult but rewarding show we do.”

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