Lecy Goranson Interview: ‘Roseanne’

“My mind was blown!,” reveals Lecy Goranson in our exclusive webcam interview (watch the video above) about being approached by fellow cast member Sara Gilbert about possibly joining a revival of the hit ABC sitcom “Roseanne.” “I thought, what is this going to be? My mind started racing,” she reveals.

Goranson plays Becky Conner, the 40-something eldest daughter of Dan (John Goodman) and Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) Conner, the quintessential blue collar Middle America family made famous by the hit sitcom that ended over 20 years ago. Goranson relished the opportunity to join the cast and crew for the highly anticipated revival, which has proven to be a huge hit with audiences. After initially having questions about what the show might look like, the actress felt almost immediately at home once she was back on set among most of the cast and crew that returned for the revival.

“One of the big unknowns was the writing. I had no idea what the concept was going to be, what Becky was going to be doing,” she admits. “When I sat down with the cast, and all the writers and directors and we just got into it, I just felt this huge sense of relief. I felt like ‘oh my gosh,’ we’re back and it’s good and it’s the best of old times … there’s something really cool and beautiful about the familiarity that we have with each other, lasting so many years. We just know each other so well.”

Goranson, like the rest of the main cast, has agreed to return for season two, and does not rule out more seasons if asked to come back. “If the quality of writing and the actors are still there, I can’t see why not. I’m now very invested in these characters. Not just Becky, all of them, and I am really curious about their journeys,” she reveals. “As we were shooting all of the shows, there were times when I would wake up on a Saturday and I would think about Dan, I would think about Jackie and I would think about Roseanne and Darlene and it was really real for me. It’s a real investment and a real connection to the characters. As an actor I am connected to the characters, but on the outside, as a fan, I can’t wait to see where everyone’s path is going.”

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