Letitia Wright Interview: ‘Black Mirror’

“I just told the truth, man. I just zoned in and tried to relate to the character as best as I could,” Letitia Wright tells Gold Derby about her performance as the vengeful Nish in the fourth season finale of “Black Mirror” (watch the exclusive interview above). Wright recounts about receiving her Emmy nomination for Best Movie/Limited Supporting Actress, “I was doing a driving lesson… because I need to pass and I saw all of these calls and texts come through to my phone, people saying congratulations; I don’t know what they are saying congratulations for and when I zoned into it, it was about the Emmys, so that was a really cool surprise.”

Wright received the “Black Museum” script in Atlanta last year when she was filming as Shuri in “Black Panther,” which co-starred Daniel Kaluuya. He had starred in a first-season episode of “Black Mirror.” Wright adds, “I had to do some tapes; I grabbed my friend Daniel Kaluuya and we did the tape and after that, everything just fell in place and I found myself filming on set right after ‘Black Panther’ — exhausted, but really loving the script and really loving the message of it and how weird it was.”

“Black Panther” is an early front-runner in the mysterious new Oscar category for “Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film.” Wright says about the controversial addition, “I’m in support of all films getting the right recognition. We all worked really hard and for Marvel to achieve something like that, to even have a film to be considered to be in the Oscars is another level, so I’m in support of it. I’m not against it at all. It’s really good.”

Noting that “it was a tough one to go into another project without resting” from “Black Panther” to “Black Mirror,” Wright says that she is “now just resting and traveling” before heading to Hollywood for the Emmys, “but definitely heading back to theater after September.”

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