Lily Rabe interview: ‘The Undoing’

“Listen, I don’t shy away from playing murderers or bad people,” laughs Lily Rabe, who co-stars in “The Undoing,” HBO’s six-part thriller that concluded in November with its explosive finale. The series was the ultimate “who-dunnit,” keeping viewers guessing about certain characters’ motivations and of course who was responsible for the gruesome murder at the center of the story.

Rabe was grateful that she was not the killer, notwithstanding her character’s true motivations only coming into focus part-way through the series. Instead, the actress relished playing the loyal and compassionate friend that ultimately saves the day. Watch the exclusive video interview with Rabe above.

In the thriller, Rabe plays Sylvia, the best friend to Grace (Nicole Kidman), a therapist living a picture-perfect life in New York City, married to esteemed pediatric oncologist Jonathan (Hugh Grant), raising their son Henry (Noah Jupe). As the series’ title suggests, Grace’s life suddenly unravels after a mysterious new mother at their private school is brutally murdered and her husband goes missing. As a series of revelations rock her world, she’s forced to start over while questioning whether she truly ever knew the man she married. And all the while, her loyal confidante Sylvia remains by her side, playing a pivotal role in exposing dark secrets about Jonathan’s past that would ultimately expose him as being anything but the upstanding family man he claimed to be.

“It’s really important to shine a light on friendships that are good,” Rabe declares. “I am really glad that the takeaway is not that the closest confidante is either a murderer or has been sleeping with her husband. I’m really glad that the takeaway is that sometimes we get it wrong and our blind-spots lead us into friendships that can wound us, but sometimes we really get it right and those good ones are so worth it,” she says. “There’s nothing better than the loyalty and devotion of female friendship!”

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