Linda Cardellini Q&A: ‘Bloodline’

"It's fun. I can actually talk about it because I don't know anything … I don't have to keep it a secret," says actress Linda Cardellini, speculating about future storylines in Netflix's family drama "Bloodline," which premiered on March 20. The series will return for a second season, but she hasn't received any scripts yet, so it's as much a mystery to her as it is to the audience.

"Especially the past few things I've done have been complete secrets," she adds, "so I've been learning how to talk around things I think, which is an interesting skill to acquire, actually a very useful one in life."

Cardellini plays Meg Rayburn, the youngest child of a respected Florida Keys family whose lives are thrown into chaos upon the return of black sheep Danny (Ben Mendelsohn). The actress herself is the youngest of four children, so she could especially relate to Meg's experience.

"My sister is much older than I am, and the idea that her childhood was very different than mine even though we have the same parents, and what that means to each child in succession I think is a very interesting thing," she says. "Your parents are different a decade later. Their lives are different. The focus is split between instead of just one child, they have many children at that point. I think your relationship to each other is different."

Cardellini doesn't know what's in store for Meg in future episodes, but "I know that when [creators Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler and Daniel Zelman] originally came up with the show and pitched it to Netflix, they did pitch multiple seasons, so I can only imagine that they know what they're doing and that it's something pretty exciting coming up."

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