Lorraine Toussaint Q&A: ‘Orange is the New Black’

"Love me, love me, love me!" proclaims scene-stealer Lorraine Toussaint during our recent video chat when asked whether her "Orange is the New Black" character, inmate Yvonne "Vee" Parker, is loved or hated by the fans of the Netflix dramedy.

Toussaint often hears, "I just don't know if I should love you or hate you, because I seem to be straddling that fence of doing both." In truth, she takes that as a great compliment, telling us it means "that I've made her as complex as I intended her to be."

What about Vee's status as the show's main antagonist in Season 2? "I can't describe her as a villain. Because, number one, I haven't seen her the way you've seen her. I have not seen the episodes that she's in. And creating her, no, she's not a villain. She's a survivor. She's a mother. She's a caregiver. She's extraordinarily loyal and protective."

However, Toussaint does concede, "She has a touch of vindictiveness. She does have a temper. She has the yin and the yang."

At the end of Season 2, Vee appeared to finally get what was coming to her as she she was struck down by a van along the side of the road. But is she really dead? "In many ways, I know as much as you do … [Creator] Jenji Kohan says that Vee is dead and Lorraine has to believe Jenji Kohan because she's the master puppeteer. But I gotta tell you, she doesn't feel dead to me. So, you'll have to watch the third season."

Also in our chat, Toussaint relives the show's SAG TV Ensemble win from a few months back, she talks about working with Uzo Aduba and Kate Mulgrew and she teases the season finale of her ABC fantasy-procedural "Forever" in which she plays Lt. Joanna Reece.

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