Louie Anderson Interview: ‘Baskets’

“You just hope for something like this in your life to just come onto your doorstep,” reveals Louie Anderson about his Emmy-winning role as Christine Baskets on the FX comedy series “Baskets.” Anderson’s role as the much put-upon mother of grown sons (both played by Zach Galifianakis) has earned the comedian two consecutive Emmy nominations for Best Comedy Supporting Actor, with Anderson winning the award in 2016. In our exclusive webcam interview (watch the video above), Anderson describes how the actor’s own family influenced his performance as well as his excitement over the show’s recently-announced fourth season.

Anderson admits that he is surprised by the acclaim the role has brought him, especially considering his background as a stand-up comedian. Anderson admits that he “worked really hard to make Louie Anderson disappear and make Christine Baskets come to life.” To embody Christine, Anderson says that he draws heavily on his memories of his late mother Ora Zella Anderson. “I think she had a tremendous amount of humanity and unbelievable compassion,” Anderson explains. “I saw how she never gave up, how she never gave in, and how she never succumbed to the actual sadness that life can produce sometimes.”

Anderson talks about Christine’s frequent moments of resilience during the third season of “Baskets,” which included Christine struggling to manage a rodeo, maintaining a long-distance romance, and even being sued by her own son. Through it all Anderson says that Christine “never gives up on the idea that [her sons] can do better and that she can be a better mother.” But there were also moments of joy for Christine, including a cliff-hanger ending which saw Christine’s boyfriend Ken (Alex Morris) about to propose marriage. About the prospect of a “royal wedding in Bakersfield” in the fourth season, Anderson says, “if there is a wedding dress, we won’t mess around.”

When it comes to the 2018 Emmys, Anderson says he is just happy to be in the conversation again. “I love the process and I love that I’m nominated,” he says. “It’s a great feeling.”

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