Lyle Workman Q&A: ‘Love’ composer

Asked about his creative process during our recent webcam chat (watch above), “Love” composer Lyle Workman readily admits, “so much of it is a mystery to me. What’s the process? I don’t know. I’m just reacting with music to things that I’m seeing and I’m hearing in the picture, and that part of it is hard for me to break down into components.” “Love,” an acclaimed new comedy series that streams on Netflix, was created by Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin and Paul Rust, with Rust and Gillian Jacobs playing a Los Angeles couple navigating the tricky terrain of modern dating.

Workman’s music, “speaks more to the emotional tone of what’s happening, as opposed to the specific characters.” As he explains, “to me, it’s kind of a combination of where they are with their emotions, as they relate to one another, as opposed to separately.”

Workman has been a frequent collaborator of Apatow’s since scoring “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” (2005), for which he won his first of three ASCAP awards (he subsequently won for “Superbad” [2007], which Aptaow produced, and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” [2008]). He praised this multi-hyphenate for adding, “the whole range of human emotions,” to his work, which he expresses by, “just feeling the music. That in turn makes me play certain ways, regardless of whether it’s funny stuff, or it’s introspective, or it’s highly dramatic. You play something, and you feel it, and you express it.”

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