Maggie Siff Q&A: ‘Billions’

“I wasn’t even that keen to work honestly. I was in a good place, I had said ‘no’ to a bunch of things” admits Maggie Siff as we chat about her mindset before signing onto the new Showtime drama “Billions.”

So what brought this “Sons of Anarchy” star back to series TV? “I was reading the pilot script in bed and my daughter woke up and I didn’t finish it til the next day. At the end of the pilot there’s this big reveal that my character ends up — spoiler alert — being a dominatrix. It just turned the thing on it’s head. She spanned so many dimensions and that felt unusual to me as a female supporting character. I was excited about that.”

Siff plays Wendy Rhodes, performance coach to hedge fund manager Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod (Damian Lewis) and wife of US Attorney Chuck Rhodes (Paul Giamatti). Throughout the first season, Rhodes has been trying to build a criminal case against Axelrod.

Teasing Sunday’s season finale, Siff says, “the show has been very sparing in terms of the number of times you’ve gotten to see the Damian Lewis character and the Paul Giamatti character confront each other. So I would say there might possibly be another confrontation between them. It is something to look forward to.”

As for the first episodes of the series, the actress admits to learning a lot about her character. “It’s not every therapist that can punch their client in the chest and get away with it, but I discovered that she could.” As she explains, “We were kind of improvising with all of that. I was so in the middle of trying to figure out how far this character could go with this kind of work. When it happened I went, ‘surprisingly this feels right.’”

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