Making of ‘From’: Lively roundtable with cast and producers

“From” is the freshman Epix drama which has left fans eagerly anticipating the second season which is due in 2023. The show is about people trapped in a mysterious town after a fallen tree blocking the road forced them to detour. As the residents try to find a way out, they have to contend with monsters that come out at night.

Enjoy watching our fun and lively 40-minute “Making of” roundtable discussion with stars Harold Perrineau (Boyd Stevens) and Elizabeth Saunders (Donna), plus creator and executive producer John Griffin, showrunner and executive producer Jeff Pinkner and executive producer and director Jack Bender. Together they are hosted by Gold Derby senior editor Matt Noble for a lively Q&A. Watch our exclusive video interview above.

The panel talks about the importance of grounding the show. Griffin explains, “When you have a show that is so far outside reality, it takes an amazing group of people to make it feel real. We are very blessed to have a village of brilliant people bringing their A-game to make this feel as real and visceral as possible.”

The show is primarily shot around the suburban community of Lower Sackville in Canada. Saunders says, “What I love about shooting out three is you never get too grand. No one will let you. Everyone is so real that if you had a complex, you would be brought down right away… in a good way. It’s the realest place.”

Perrineau, who has previously starred in “Oz” and “Lost,” plays Boyd Stevens. The actor describes, “Boyd spent his whole life in the military. He will live and die for service. Service of other people more than himself. That’s the core of who Boyd is. He is a man of service, that’s what holds him together in times when it’s really tough. People are born to do things and that’s what Boyd is born to do.”

Pinkner also observes this attitude of service in the cast. He says, “Harold and Elizabeth don’t show up to set thinking, ‘how can I make myself look good?’ They show up thinking, ‘how can I make the person I’m playing the scene with look good?’ That is not a given. That’s when communication and trust developed; when everyone is looking out for each other.” Saunders adds, “we don’t discuss this, but it feels like on set people really come thinking, ‘it’s my job to tell the story, it’s not my job to showcase me.’”

Bender, who shared in the Best Drama Series Emmy in 2005 for “Lost,” reflects, “God knows in this world today there are too many monsters. All of us have that aspect inside where you go, ‘ok, that’s not where you want to go.’ I think that’s part of the duality and battle of being human. ‘From’ taps into that in a really great way. How do you live your life, wherever the hell you are? We’ve all got trees in our road. Although I wouldn’t do well in ‘From.’ I’d sit there and go, ‘why can’t I go out for dinner?’”

Sometimes the show can seem a little too real. Griffin reveals, “One night we were at the Beaver Bank location. There was a storm and as I was leaving set I get a call from Jack. I pick up and he says, ‘there’s a tree in the road!’” Bender continues, “and I called Jeff and said, ‘listen you asshole, if I don’t get out of here you take care of my family!’ He said he would.”

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