Making of ‘Gaslit’: Roundtable with Robbie Pickering, Shea Whigham, 3 crafts artisans

“I’ve always been a huge Nixon geek, since I was very young,” admits Robbie Pickering, the creator and showrunner of the limited series “Gaslit” on Starz. “The culture around Nixon is kind of the locust point for our current malfeasance in politics and culture war. I grew up in a very Evangelical, Christian, conservative home. That probably has something to do with it. Simultaneously, I’ve always been fascinated with Southern conservative women.”

To celebrate the acclaimed series, watch our special “Making of” roundtable discussion with Pickering and four key players from “Gaslit” — writer Amelia Gray, cinematographer Larkin Seiple, production designer Daniel Novotny and actor Shea Whigham (who plays FBI agent G. Gordon Liddy). Together they are joined by Gold Derby senior editor Denton Davidson for a memorable Q&A. Watch our exclusive video interview above.

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“Gaslit” is a modern take on the Watergate scandal. The series shines its light most prominently on Arkansan socialite Martha Mitchell, played by Oscar winner Julia Roberts. Oscar winner Sean Penn transforms into Martha’s husband, John N. Mitchell, the 67th Attorney General of the United States under President Richard Nixon and chairman of Nixon’s 1968 and 1972 presidential campaigns. Despite her party affiliation, Martha is the first person to publicly sound the alarm on Nixon’s involvement in Watergate, causing both the presidency and her personal life to unravel.

The Starz political thriller was met with critical acclaim upon its release. It holds a remarkable 89% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the website’s consensus reading, “Fronted by a nervy Julia Roberts, Gaslit is less a slow burn than an acting extravaganza of big personalities enmeshed in historic scandal.” Metacritic indicates “universal acclaim.” Chris Vognar (San Francisco Chronicle) writes, “‘Gaslit’ is the rare show that has loads of fun bringing history into sharper focus.”

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