Mandy Moore Interview: ‘This Is Us’

Mandy Moore explored some heavy material on this season of NBC’s “This Is Us” as we saw Rebecca slip into cognitive decline. It was especially difficult for Moore, who received her first Emmy nomination last year, to not feel deeply for the character she has inhabited for four seasons. “I think the most challenging part of it is the character is handling it with so much grace,” Moore says in an exclusive new interview for Gold Derby. “Although I’m sure there’s a whole wealth of complex emotions that she’s dealing with and parsing through, Mandy the human, I feel everything for her.” Watch the full video interview above.

Moore recalls a moment in Season 4 where Rebecca doesn’t remember a movie she went to see and recognizes with Randall (Sterling K. Brown) that she needs help. The actress became overwhelmed after filming that scene, realizing how relevant it is to so many viewers. “It’s part of millions and millions and millions of Americans’ lives, whether they themselves are in the confines of facing this terrible disease or family members and caregivers,” she explains. “I felt the weight of all that hit me in that moment.”

One of Moore’s most significant scenes of the entire series came in the “New York, New York, New York” episode, where Rebecca is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art staring at the “Portrait of Madame X,” which she remembered seeing there as a child. The scene required Moore to memorize a four-page monologue in which Rebecca tells Randall and Kevin (Justin Hartley) all about her memory of seeing the painting and how she now wants to live in the present. While Moore felt the pressure of delivering in that scene, she admits, “Once you’re in the moment and you’re staring at ‘Madame X’ in the middle of the Metropolitan Museum and all of this collective history and familiarity with this family and this woman and this life that I’ve been living with her for the last four years, it all culminated in that moment.” Moore looks back on the scene fondly as “a memory I will never forget,” especially considering the Met shut down for the show to film that scene.

As Moore heads into Season 5 of “This Is Us,” she is eager to see the show explore not only Rebecca’s mental health but also a dynamic that has mostly gone unexplored so far: the relationship between Rebecca and Miguel (Jon Huertas). “I think that is gonna be one of the more ambitious things we do on the show to get people to fall in love with Rebecca and Miguel.” Otherwise, she indicates that the writers may be exploring current events on the series, from the coronavirus to the protests. “We don’t rest on our laurels,” Moore notes, of the show’s continued success. “There’s always something to explore and get into.”

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