Marc Maron Q&A: ‘Maron’

“I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to come back and do the show,” admits Marc Maron as we chat via webcam (watch above) about his IFC show “Maron.” As he explains about his indecision over a fourth season of the critically acclaimed series, “I felt we had run out of stories in the world we had established. But then it hit me one day in the car. I thought he’s been using drugs for a year since the last time we saw him. He’s lost everything and his life’s a disaster. Let’s start from there.”

Maron plays a fictionalized version of himself and season four saw him without a home and without a job. “The most powerful scene we did was when we went back to my old house. It was challenging for me as an actor. This season I was comfortable in my skin, and present in my performance, and able to make choices I wouldn’t have been able to make back in season one.”

He details his process of preparing for that scene in which he had to show that “weird anger where you have anger at yourself for screwing your life up. But it’s hard to accept all that at once, so you displace it onto other people. I had to be mad at the man who now owned the house. He had his shit together, he seemed to be able to manage his life and now he’s got my house.”

Maron reveals this scene forced him to confront some difficult emotions. “When I walk into the garage where I used to do my podcast, and it’s just being used as a garage that’s devastating. And I’m not that far from my house and I’m not that far from those feelings about life and losing everything.”

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