Marcelo Zarvos interview: ‘A Journal for Jordan’ composer

Denzel Washington‘s latest directorial effort, “A Journal for Jordan,” stars Michael B. Jordan and Chanté Adams and will be released by Sony Pictures on December 25. The film is scored by Emmy-nominated composer Marcelo Zarvos. This is Zarvos’ second time collaborating with Washington on a film following his “old-school” audition for “Fences.” Watch the exclusive video interview with Zarvos above.

“We hit it off on a really human level,” Zarvos says of meeting Washington for the first time during the production of “Fences.” “I’m in awe of the guy like everybody else is, but found him to be extremely open… and he seemed very grateful to be [directing] a film. When I found out they were doing ‘A Journal for Jordan,’ they reached out. I remember going and meeting with him. I didn’t know I had the job already, but we had a very long conversation about it and as I was leaving he was like, ‘Okay, great. Really looking forward to doing this again with you.'”

“A Journal for Jordan” is adapted from Dana Canedy‘s memoir by screenwriter Virgil Williams. It is based on the true love story between Canedy and Sergeant Charles Monroe King, a deployed soldier in the Iraq war. After becoming pregnant, Canedy gives King a journal to write in for their unborn son Jordan.

“I wrote a bunch of music just through seeing the dailies,” Zarvos explains. “So by the time I sat down with [Washington] in the cutting room, we had a real great baseline to go on. Just like actors shouldn’t overact, I feel like the music, you have to make sure not to overact or underact. Then I met with [Washington] once a week over the course of many months and we would look over music. It was very gradual, very organic and felt very smooth.”

Zarvos had never worked on a “military” film before and admits that consumed many of his thoughts. “We ended up using a lot of horns,” he explains. “French horns, in particular, for the military aspect of the story. This is not a war movie, but it’s about somebody that was a committed soldier. Then I thought a lot about those flying scenes. I thought of something that was reaching up in the heights and I ended up using a lot of flutes. The other big instrument is the piano because Denzel loves the piano. He’s married to a very gifted pianist. Those were sort of the three anchors, sound-wise, the flute, the French horn and the piano.”

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