Marcelo Zarvos Interview: ‘The Romanoffs’ composer

“This episode is really a love letter to Mexico City,” reveals”The Romanoffs” composer Marcelo Zarvos. The music veteran was enlisted to score an installment of the Matthew Weiner-created Amazon anthology series, which follows a variety of people who believe they are descendants of the Russian royal family. Watch our exclusive video interview with Zarvos above.

His episode, entitled “Panorama,” centers on a gossip columnist (Juan Pablo Castañeda) who falls in love with a mysterious American woman (Radha Mitchell) visiting Mexico City. The Brazilian-born composer says Weiner wanted “somebody who understood the flavor” of the region to write the score. But at the same time “the music is not scoring contemporary Mexico.” It’s really meant to reflect the main character, who is “a very idealistic, very romantic guy.” So Zarvos created a sound that was closer to “classical Latin American or Spanish music.”

Zavros is also in the Emmy conversation this year for his continued work on “Ray Donovan” and “The Affair.” For the former, he’s submitting the penultimate episode, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” in which Ray (Liev Schreiber) is at war with the police, because it “might be the most music score-heavy episode that we’ve ever done.” For the latter, he’s going with episode “408,” which (SPOILER ALERT) follows the shocking death of lead character Alice (Ruth Wilson); he picked that installment because it’s “very emotional.”

Zarvos previously earned Emmy nominations for his work on the TV movies “Taking Chance” (2009) and “You Don’t Know Jack” (2010). In addition to his extensive television output, he has also lent his talents to such films as “Fences” (2016), “Wonder” (2017), and “The Best of Enemies” (2019). He most recently completed a score for the documentary “What’s My Name: Muhammad Ali,” which premiered on HBO on May 14.

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