Marko Skop Q&A: ‘Eva Nova’ director

During our recent webcam chat (watch above), Marko Skop reveals he was inspired to write and direct “Eva Nova” in order to explore, “the importance of the conscious decisions in our lives.” The film, Slovakia’s official submission for the Foreign Language Film Oscar, stars Emilia Vasaryova as an aging actress and recovering alcoholic desperate to regain the love of the estranged son (Milan Ondrik) she abandoned for her career. “As I see many times around me, people are just going with the flow,” the director adds, “and not thinking about the consequences of their steps and behavior, especially for their closest ones, which means the family and children.”

In order to realize his vision, he decided, “to make this story with a character who is older, who has big life experience, and in the story, you can discover what happened in the past, and what is possible to make in the future.” Skop, who cut his teeth directing the documentaries “Other Worlds (Ine svety)” (2006) and “Osadne” (2009), sought in his filmmaking to be, “as authentic as possible, to use all the tools so that the audience could believe what they see on the screen.” In the writing, this starts with, “the psychological truth, so that the behavior of the protagonist is believable.”

“Eva Nova” is Skop’s first foray into narrative feature films. He’s already received the International Critics Award (FIPRESCI) at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival, and also contended for prizes at the Zurich Film Festival and the Cleveland International Film Festival. Is an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film next?

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