Matt Czuchry Q&A: ‘The Good Wife’

"Yeah, how about that for the end of a relationship? A bounced-back email, that's pretty good," jokes Matt Czuchry ("The Good Wife") during our recent video chat about his character Cary Agos not getting a proper goodbye with Archie Panjabi's Kalinda Sharma.

He continues, "I hope that the audience has felt a connection between those characters so the loss is that much more of what you have with the lack of a goodbye at the end. And that will carry through in Season 7 and I anticipate he's gonna struggle quite a bit with that, knowing the fact that he's had this great friend for six years, that ultimately she left to protect him. He's never gonna really get closure, I think."

In the show's heralded sixth season, Czuchry's character was arrested in the first episode, setting the stage for some of his best storylines in the drama's history. "I found out about the arc by going into the wardrobe trailer and seeing a prison jumpsuit. It was quite a bit different than the regular suits that I've worn for the past six seasons [so] I knew something was up. It kind of felt like it could be a special season in that way so I was shocked."

How did Czuchry prepare for his character's new role behind bars? "I found this amazing blog by a prisoner, a former inmate, and I really wanted to try and find what the human quality was. And this particular inmate talked about having the clothes ripped off of your back and losing your identity in that process and you become a number. And with that, you have that vulnerability and that insignificance and that hopelessness."

If Czuchry gets nominated at the Emmys, he'll have to choose one episode to submit to judges, and he tells us that he's leaning toward the mid-season cliffhanger episode "The Trial" where Cary changes his plea to guilty. "Hopefully I'll get a chance to submit one … I would take that as a huge victory and of course that would be amazing."

Also in our chat, Czuchry talks about what awards mean to the show, his character's changing relationships with Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Diane (Christine Baranski) and he reflects on his days on "Gilmore Girls."

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