Matt LeBlanc Q&A: ‘Episodes’

Matt LeBlanc revealed in our recent webcam chat (watch below) that he signed on for his hit laffer "Episodes" before he even knew the concept: “I’ve been working with David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik [co-creators and showrunners] since 1994" [on "Friends"]. “They know my voice. They know what my strengths and my weaknesses are. They called me and said they had an idea and I said ‘I’m in’ and they said ‘Do you want to hear the idea first?’ And I said ‘yeah we should probably do that! Yeah, but I’m in’. I wanted to make sure they didn’t call Schwimmer!”

While LeBlanc credited the initial success of the hit Showtime series, which recently concluded its third season, to Hollywood insiders who related to it — “they tend to try to guess who these characters are based on" —  he said, “everyone can relate to a horrible boss, everyone can relate to dealing with an egomaniac, and making bad decisions, or going through a messy divorce. A lot of the themes in the show, they’re pretty widespread.”

The actor was very involved in the casting process and said Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig were shoo-ins for the roles of the writers who see their Brit hit transformed when they bring it stateside. He recalled a prank he played on Mangan during the audition: “I went over to where he was sitting and sat down next to him, all conspiratorially, and I said, ‘Hey listen, can I give you a little piece of advice? And he said ‘Yeah sure that’d be great’, and I said, ‘OK, when you go in there… don’t suck!’”

LeBlanc won a Golden Globe for the first season of "Episodes" and contended again for the second; he lost that race to Don Cheadle ("House of Lies"). LeBlanc lost both his Emmy bids (in 2011 and 2013) to Jim Parsons ("The Big Bang Theory"). Will he be nominated again this year?

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