Matt LeBlanc Q&A: ‘Episodes’

On the fourth season of “Episodes,” Matt LeBlanc’s character, "Matt LeBlanc," lost $32 million and saw his sitcom “Pucks” get canceled. As he told us during our recent video chat, “it felt like a big mess, to tell you the truth. I’m glad it was all fiction, especially the money situation.” This is indicative of his character for whom “it seems to get worse and worse every season” being “about this comeback that never seems to come to fruition.” 

To play a fictionalized version of himself, the actor says, “I approach it like it’s any other character I’ve played and try to give him a soul and a heart; and approach it from a place with no judgement. Because I think, if I look that it is playing myself I would… become self conscious and that’s a pitfall that I don’t want to fall down” but “It’s been a lot of fun, I’ll say that.”

As to whether it was ever discussed that he play a different actor from "Friends," he jokes “we were going to have me play [David] Schwimmer, but he would have got mad… I maybe could have done Rachel, that might have been funny.”

Speaking of Schwimmer, his former co-star made a cameo appearance this season in a scene where they meet at “a mass murderer’s birthday party in Kharakhastan. I mean it was crazy. that zany sort of outside the box element makes it really fun to go and try and ground it.” For LeBlanc,“that’s part of what makes the show great… It’s all so insane what the writing is. It’s so big and so crazy, but we try to ground it and make it feel like it could possibly happen.”

As for all of the self-parody he does on the show, LeBlanc admits, “for the most part I’m up to just about anything they throw my way" and adds, “I pitch stuff to them about what’s really happened to me in my life and they say, ‘That’s disgusting, we’re not doing that, no way.'"

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