Matt Walsh Q&A: ‘Veep’

“It is very strange and absurd times that we’re living in,” declares Emmy-nominated “Veep” star Matt Walsh. In our recent webchat (watch the exclusive video above), he adds, “Some of the stuff that happens in D.C. out of the Trump world were probably ideas pitched in the writers room a year ago, and people thought that’s unbelievable. That would never happen.”

Walsh plays Mike McLintock, former press secretary for ex-President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). It’s a role that has invited comparisons with current White House press secretary Sean Spicer. Walsh explains, “The first hour of his job, my Twitter feed was filled up with hundreds of people saying ‘he’s worse than Mike McLintock.’ That was on the first hour of the first day. People who live in D.C. always say that of all the political shows ‘Veep’ is the most accurate. It still holds true even in this Trump insanity we’re all in the middle of. I don’t know what’s coming next year. But after a year of Trump politics does it affect our show? I don’t know.”

Last season Walsh scored his first ever Emmy nomination for “Veep.” He says that moment before they read out the winner was extremely stressful. But the journey up to it and the nomination were so much fun. To be given specific recognition by your peers in a sea of very funny shows is extraordinary. It’s ridiculous. There’s a lot of joy and support from your friends that you’ve worked with. So that’s really neat.”

This season has seen Mike working on the memoir of former President Meyer. Walsh says, “Mike fancies himself a great writer so he thinks he wants to prove himself with this memoir.” The episode  ‘Chicklet’ featured Mike and Selina visiting her childhood home. Of that specific episode, he reveals, “Mike is almost like a therapist trying to help unpack what Selina’s true childhood was. Every character on the show wants to have good time with Selina but it’s also dangerous. Because, as Mike’s unpacking stuff and challenging her, she lashes out at him. But it was really fun. The sleepover feel of it, hanging out late, reminds Mike of his early days with Selina.”

That episode reaches it peak with a drunk Mike and Selina smashing things in her old family barn. He says, “I loved trashing the barn with Selina. I loved smashing all that glass and wood. That was so much fun to walk into work and get to break things and scream and tell jokes. We broke a few rental props as well, but it was fun. Inevitably we got carried away. We choreographed it to make sure Julia didn’t hit me. There was a chandelier we weren’t suppose to break, but I think Julia broke it.”

The season has also seen Mike pitch a comedy column for a newspaper which Walsh “really enjoyed because I always like it when Mike thinks he’s really funny when he’s not. That was like milking a really bad joke for a really long time.”

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