Merritt Wever Q&A: ‘Nurse Jackie’

Merritt Wever has played loveable, irrepressibly happy ER nurse Zoey Barkow for six seasons on "Nurse Jackie" For the first three years of the Showtime series, she remained under Emmy's radar. Then two years ago, she reaped her first bid as Best Comedy Supporting Actress. And then last year … she won!

"I still don’t know how it happened. Just numbers-wise! It feels off to me!" laughed Wever during her recent webcam chat with Gold Derby.

Wever will always be remembered for delivering one of the most memorable Emmy moments ever, when she walked up to the stage in complete shock and awe, and said in stunned disbelief "Thanks so much! Thank you so much. I gotta go. Bye…”.

"It was very surprising and I don’t remember a lot of it," Wever recalled. "The only thing I remember concretely that I know is my experience as opposed to something I’ve seen on the internet is the view from up there. When I got up to the mic, looking at the lights and the audience, and right before I realised I had to leave."

"I remember thinking, ‘oh geez, this is really rare. It’s never happened before and it may never happen again'. It was a really lovely surprise and in my humble opinion, maybe the best way to win. Not expecting it, so you didn’t have the stress, you didn’t have the worry."

Wever admitted that she had no expectations as a returning nominee, and maybe that is why she received such a positive reaction after delivering her acceptance speech. "When I watch award shows, it’s always exciting to see people win who honestly don’t expect to win. There’s something exciting about it, and it does bring up, at least in my experience, a rush of goodwill for the person. So maybe that had something to do with it. Best case scenario, it was the best way to win. I really lucked out."

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