Michael Price interview: ‘F is for Family’ showrunner

In giving us a taste as to what we can expect in the upcoming final season of Netflix’s animated series, “F is for Family,” showrunner Michael Price explains that the show is going to pick up exactly where it left off at the end of season four. “This last season will take place largely during the course of the end of 1974; the end of October through Christmas. Our final episode is set on Christmas Day,” he explains in our recent webchat (watch the exclusive video above). Frank (voiced by Bill Burr) will continue dealing with the relationship with his father (Jonathan Banks) as he’s also going through becoming a father again with the arrival of his fourth child. Sue (Laura Dern) will also have to deal with her family along with the appearance of her estranged gay brother, who’s only been talked about up to this point.

“F is for Family” is based on Burr’s stand-up comedy and focuses on the Murphy family living in American suburbia in the mid-1970s. Frank, the patriarch of the family, loves his wife Sue and their four kids, even if he frequently loses his temper at them and is in a less-than-fulfilling job as a baggage handler at the local airport to support them. The show has received two Emmy nominations over the course of its run in the Best Character Voice-Over Performance category for Mo Collins in 2017 and Kevin Michael Richardson in 2019. Price has a long history of working in animation and has won three Emmys as a writer and producer on “The Simpsons” (2006, 2008, 2019).

The decision to make the fifth season the final one wasn’t something that Price had thought of. “Netflix has been very great to us. They approached us after the end of the fourth season came out and said, we want to pick you guys up for another season but we think this will be the last.” Price jokes that it was a weird thing to hear since he writes for “The Simpsons” and five seasons is 28 seasons less than he’s used to. At the same time, Price is grateful for getting the opportunity to steer the show towards a conclusion. “I would love to continue doing the show forever but at the same time I think we’ve arrived at a really great conclusion to our story. Bill and I are very happy with where the last season is going.”

For this year’s Emmys, Price and the show’s creative team unanimously decided to submit the seventh episode of the fourth season, “R is for Rosie.” The episode focuses entirely on Rosie (Richardson) as he begins his work as an alderman for the community but quickly realizing the corruption that resides at city hall. “The character of Rosie is such a rich character for us and we always found that he was being shunted off just because he wasn’t in the Murphy family. It was such a fun thing to work on.” The episode also carries special significance as one of the people instrumental in shaping the episode, Marc Wilmore, passed away from COVID-19 in January. “He came up with so much of the really super funny stuff for Rosie’s character and had a huge part in the re-writing of that episode and it turned out so well.”

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