Michelle Buteau interview: ‘Welcome to Buteaupia’

“You can be two things at the same time. I’m always going to be this sex positive, body positive, love on each other bitch. But now I’m a mom, which is great,” reveals comedian Michelle Buteau in our recent webchat. She adds, “For anybody in the arts the more real-life stuff you do, the more it will add to your performance. So I am very happy to serve both a foreskin joke and a diaper joke in the same hour.” Watch our exclusive video interview above.

Buteau’s first stand-up special “Welcome to Buteaupia” is now streaming on Netflix. In the set, she talks about the struggles of becoming a mother. She says, “I had been trying to become a parent for five years. Talking about the journey was really sad. The audience always felt bad for me because there was no happy ending. When I was finally able to become a tired parent everything just clicked. I felt I really earned those tired mom jokes. You had to think, ‘how do you make surrogacy funny or relatable in a way that makes it feel like you are not talking at people?”

Earlier this year, she won the Critics Choice award for Best Comedy Special, tying with Jerry Seinfeld. Buteau reveals, “You never know what’s gonna happen when you put stuff out there. I was so glad I got it in and people loved it. And then I won an award! That was really the straw that broke the camel-toe for me.”

The comic also hosts the Netflix reality series “The Circle.” She admits, “If you just saw what the show was about, you’d think ‘I don’t know about this.’ A social media contest for $100,000 where you are able to catfish people. It sounds crazy, but it is such a fun and unique watch. And it’s really important, too. Whether you like it or not we all have to deal with social media. What does text say about us? Can you read tone? What do our pictures say? Why do people catfish? I think it’s really fun and important.”

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