Mike O’Malley Q&A: ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ creator

During our recent webcam chat, "Survivor's Remorse" creator Mike O'Malley reveals the inspiration for his new Starz comedy series about a young basketball star who grew up poor and then all of a sudden makes it big. "Once you start to have money, what is that like for you? What is that like for your family, your friends and the people that you're close to? That was where the premise of the show came from, and then I went off and created a world of characters."

In real life, O'Malley admits that pro basketball is not a sport that he follows very closely. "What I was really interested in was the family aspect of this. So, in terms of the show … I come from a big family, and family and friends are very important to me and my life. When the ties that bind those people are blood ties, it can really impact people in a really profound way."

He expresses fondness for his cast, a mix of newcomers and established names like Jessie Usher, RonReaco Lee, Erica Ash, Teyonah Parris, Tichina Arnold and Mike Epps. And he hints that he wants to pop up as a guest star in future episodes, so keep an eye out when the new season premieres August 22 on Starz.

No stranger to the Emmys, O'Malley was nominated in 2010 for guesting on the breakout first season of "Glee," though he lost to co-star Neil Patrick Harris. "Neil was very generous in his acceptance speech to give me a shout-out. I am just so happy that I'm able to work as an actor for a long time, so getting a nomination certainly is not insignificant."

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