Millie Bobby Brown Q&A: ‘Stranger Things’

“It’s shocking because there are so many amazing actresses out there right now, and to be part of such a great category — and 18 nominations for the show — it’s a true honor and privilege,” says Millie Bobby Brown about her Emmy nomination for Best Drama Supporting Actress for the 1980s-set sci-fi/horror series “Stranger Things.” She just turned 13 in February, so if she wins she would become the youngest actor ever to prevail at the Primetime Emmys. “My life will completely evolve I think,” she adds about a potentially career-changing victory. “It would be awesome to be the youngest, and to represent the young generation.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Brown above.

Brown plays a girl known as Eleven, who has telekinetic powers and has been the subject of mysterious science experiments. She is found by a group of misfit boys obsessed with “Dungeons and Dragons,” and Brown explains that the show was made to “represent equality, and weirdos, and freaks and outcasts — that’s what we want to represent and share to the world … I think that’s why we got so much love and support for the show, because our show is relatable.” That love and support has included a SAG Award for Best Drama Ensemble and a victory for Brown as Best Actor in a Show at the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

The series returns for season two this October, and it’s possible no one is as excited about it as Brown is. “This season is a true letter to the ’80s,” she says. “This time it’s crazy and bizarre, and so unpredictable in probably the best possible way, so I’m so excited to watch it myself.”

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