Millie Bobby Brown Q&A: ‘Stranger Things’

“Wait, I have to talk with my face? But how am I going to do that?,” remembers “Stranger Things” breakout star Millie Bobby Brown on being introduced to her character Eleven on the Netflix hit mystery series. In our recent video chat (watch above), she adds, “I’d always try and add lines like in rehearsal and they’d be like ‘Millie! Why are you speaking’ and I’d be like (laughing) ‘Sorry! I just want lines.'”

Brown only uttered a couple hundred words playing Eleven throughout the eight episodes of the first season of “Stranger Things,” but left viewers with a lasting impression as the young girl with mysterious powers. The 12-year-old thespian says she’s used to working with a lot of dialogue so having to be silent led to a lot of takes while filming: “I definitely broke character. It was something I just couldn’t hold in. I’m constantly serious in the whole show and it was so hard to see everybody else have so much fun and tell jokes and run, and I’m running but I’m constantly silent. I’m crying all the time, blood is trickling down my nose and I’m killing a ton of people.”

Though she says she did think the program would be good, she admits it took her until after filming to realize the potential it really did have: “I live in my own little world when filming. I wake up at six in the morning and don’t think of anything else but work. So at the time I didn’t think it was going to be big but I didn’t think it was going to be bad, I just didn’t think of it. It wasn’t until we all had our own premiere at the studio we all sat together and I thought ‘Wow … this show is going to be big.'”

To find out what Brown called a “pinch me moment,” what it was like working with Winona Ryder, and what her reaction was when she found out President Barack Obama is a “Stranger Things” fan, watch our exclusive video chat above.

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