Milo Ventimiglia interview: ‘This Is Us’

Milo Ventimiglia has been nominated three times at the Emmys for playing Jack Pearson, the father of triplets on NBC’s hit drama “This is Us.”  In Season 5 his character must come to terms with his own past and make a conscious effort to not allow history to repeat itself. “There’s one line that Jack says when he’s sitting at the bar,” Ventimiglia explains. “He’s kind of opening up about his father and says, ‘My dad, he wasn’t all bad.’ And I was really drawn into that.” Watch the exclusive video interview above.

Pete Onorati, who plays my father in the show, is just the most wonderful, lovely actor of all time,” Ventimiglia continues. “Even he struggled with how poor his character had handled his relationship with his son. Things like that are what I’d like to see a little bit more of, but I also know that’s not the focus of the show.”

The character of Jack is not alive in the present day, but he is a focal point in flashbacks viewers see of the Pearson family. This has allowed Ventimiglia to work with multiple young actors who play the children at different stages of life. “What’s been a lot of fun is seeing how they’ve grown,” he states. “Parker Bates, Lonnie Chavis and Mackenzie Hancsicsak were little eight-year-old kids that were excited to be on a set for the first time. To see them grow and mature and find themselves wanting to figure out the craft of acting as it relates to them. They all have their different way of operating. It’s pretty wonderful to watch.”

“Nostalgic, for me,” Ventimiglia responds when asked about the “Brotherly Love” episode filmed on a “Mr. Rogers” set. “I used to watch ‘Mr. Rogers’ as a kid. There was a group of parents sitting behind the actual children and the children had no idea what was going on. But us parents, when the actor who was playing Mr. Rogers stepped on, all of us were like, ‘This is so crazy!'”

“I started directing when I was 25,” Ventimiglia explains when asked about stepping up to direct Season 5’s “Jerry 2.0” episode. “Doing commercial campaigns for Warner Brothers and little digital projects that no one ever expects or wants to know who directed them. Once I got on the show I had a desire to do it, but I never raised my hand and asked. Ken Olin turned around to me one day on set and said, ‘Well you’re gonna direct one of these, right?’ That conversation sparked a lot of conversations and a lot of other actors raising their hands and asking to direct. And then [Dan] Fogelman and I had a conversation about it and he said, ‘You’re first up!'”

Ventimiglia goes on to explain what it is like to direct a cast he has acted alongside for so many years. He also describes his experience being nominated for three Emmys and what he thought of the news that Season 6 would be the last for “This is Us.”

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  1. Love “This Is Us” and love Milo! Such a great interview, with such insightful questions. Thank you! On a side note…Is there any way that you can somehow find out why Season 4 has never come out on DVD and if there are any plans to do it, along with Season 5? I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting. Nothing. I so like to have the physical copy…in my hands. I already have Seasons 1-3. No one seems to have any answers and no one is asking the question in any interviews that I’ve watched. Hoping you can help. Thanks!

    1. I’ve wondered also. I also have seasons
      1 – 3 on DVD and would like to purchase seasons 4 and 5 and 6 when the time comes. Please let us know why we haven’t seen seasons 4 and 5 for sale and when they might be. Thank you!!

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