Mireille Enos: An ‘incredibly satisifying’ conclusion to ‘The Killing’ mystery

Much of the focus on AMC’s “The Killing” has understandably been on the big reveal of who killed Rosie Larsen, the teenage murder victim at the center of the cult crime thriller. For leading lady Mireille Enos, who plays lead homicide detective Sarah Linden, knowing the show’s secret was exciting but ultimately upsetting at the same time.

“It’s an incredibly satisfying finale, [but] I was sad for several days afterwards,” admitted Enos, who only knew about the show’s big reveal a week before shooting commenced on the season finale. “When all of the pieces of the puzzle come together, it’s such a sad, sad, tragic but great story,” Enos confirmed, with a hardly noticeable grin.

The actress readily agreed that shooting the second season was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, as the various pieces of the murder mystery began to coalesce building towards the highly anticipated climax. “The first season, we thought we were making something special, but you never know how an audience is going to respond, and also, all of the relationships were new, we were figuring them out. But then, after it aired, we came back for the second season knowing that we had a formula that works and those relationships were already really rich and a lot of that groundwork we really didn’t have to think about anymore.

And, she concluded, “It was really exciting to be in the end game. You know, all of the red herrings were out of the way and every new piece of the puzzle was leading to the inevitable conclusion.”

Chatting with Gold Derby, Enos relived receiving her first Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for Best Drama Actress. She also spoke at length about working with Joel Kinnaman who plays her partner Detective Stephen Holder on the show, and recounted her highlights from the second season.

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If Enos returns to the competitive Best Drama Actress lineup this year, she is torn between two episodes for her submission: “Off the Reservation,” where she frantically searches for Holder, who has been brutally beaten and left for dead; and “72 Hours,” in which she finds herself on suicide watch and is forced to recount the darkest moments from her troubled childhood and the grizzly details of some of her detective work.

Recalling that second episode, she said, “It was so incredibly satisfying. Sarah is so guarded and non-verbal most of the time, so to spend an entire episode talking … and have my heart crack open, felt awesome.” And, she added enthusiastically, “to have a chance to just sit and communicate and be vulnerable, which is so rare for Sarah; it feels great.”

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