Misha Green Q&A: ‘Underground’ creator

“This season, we talked a lot about kind of digging deeper with our characters,” reveals Misha Green during our recent webcam chat (watch the exclusive video above) about the sophomore season of her hit series “Underground.” This WGN America series recounts the beginnings of the Underground Railroad, a secret network of paths and safe houses for escaped slaves in the Antebellum South. The ensemble cast includes Jurnee Smollett-BellAldis HodgeJessica De GouwAlano MillerChristopher Meloni, and Amirah Vann.

Green and co-creator Joe Pokaski had a solid season two road map for where they wanted to go, having written, “a 55-page Bible from the start before we even pitched it.” This year, the two were interested in exploring the idea of “citizen vs. soldier.” Green explains: “This country at the time was having so much upheaval… Do you get to just run and be free in the North, and then call it a day? Do you get to be a citizen, or do you have to be a soldier in this fight to stop what was going on?”

Green got her start as a writer on “Sons of Anarchy” and “Heroes” before becoming a co-producer on the SyFy series “Helix.” With its ratings on the rise and reviews still strong, will “Underground” break through at the Emmys this year? Check out our full interview above for more about Green’s work.

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