Mishel Prada Interview: ‘Vida’

After years of auditioning Mishel Prada began to wonder “if there was ever going to be a Latina role for somebody that’s like me.” Prada was born in the United States to immigrant parents, giving her a unique perspective on the Latinx experience. So when she read the script for “Vida” she was excited to be part of a show that was “talking about what that [experience] means.” This Starz drama centers on two sisters — Emma (Prada) and Lyn (Melissa Barrera) — who return to their East Los Angeles neighborhood following the death of their mother. While there, they are confronted with shocking truths about their mother’s true identity. Watch our exclusive video interview with Prada above.

Although she loved the script, Prada didn’t actually expect to play the lead role. She thought she would “fit other characters a bit better because they were a lot closer to my life and closer to who I was.” Yet creator Tanya Saracho offered her the role of Emma, a driven career-woman who is fiercely defensive when questioned about her heritage. Prada admits that embodying this woman “terrified me, but really pushed me and stretched me.” She was excited by the opportunity to ‘portray a character that I don’t think we’ve really gotten a chance to see, especially as a Latina woman.”

Prada is best known for her role as Gabi on “Fear the Walking Dead: Passage.” She has also appeared in the films “Eat Spirit Eat” (2013), “There is a World Somewhere” (2015), “Tell Me How I Die” (2016), and “Bachelor Lions” (2018).

“Vida” premiered on Starz on May 6, and will air the rest of its six episodes through June 10.

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